Importance Of Sleep In A Healthy Lifestyle

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Sleep is a naturally reoccurring state of mind and body, known by relatively inhibited sensory activity, inhibition of most voluntary muscles, as well as reduced interactions with surroundings. Without any

Best Ways To Use A Foam Roller

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In this video Mike Lee teaches some basic foam rolling techniques for you to add to your fitness routine. Try to add this exercise to your personal workout at the

The Difference Between Strength and Power

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The Difference Between Strength and Power Strength and power, as much as the two sounds similar, are actually very different.  If you’ve had an argument in the gym, the ring

Mike Lee Unlimited Workout #1

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Here is one of my quick five minute workouts. Do each exercise for one minute. Let’s get it! If you like this video please like and subscribe to my Youtube

Why Use A Foam Roller: The Benefits & Effects Foam Rolling Has On Our Body

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Welcome to the 21st century – a time when gym equipment got a lot better. A time when everything is more compact, convenient and fitness-friendly. Nowadays, this type of equipment

Kids Boxing & Fitness Program

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Gym Session (Mitt Work)

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Organize Your Process

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  Have you started working towards the goals you have set for yourself? If you followed my advice on the Lee’s Fitness Unlimited Podcast, the answer is yes. As I’ve