“When you put the work in results will come!”

Class Schedule

Youth Boxing (Ages 5+)

Monday 4:00PM

Wednesday 4:00PM

Saturday 9:00AM


Monday 5:00PM

Wednesday 5:00PM

Saturday 10:00 AM

Strength & Conditioning

Tuesday 7:30PM

About Mike Lee

Hello, I am Mike Lee Jr., owner of Lee’s Fitness Unlimited™. I am a fitness instructor that specializes in strength & conditioning and boxing. I come from an athletic background of boxing, martial arts, track & field, and football. My vision to introduce a lifestyle of health and wellness through the dedication of exercise and healthy living. My emphasis of training is strength and conditioning through combat sports such as boxing and martial arts. With commitment, discipline and dedication you are guaranteed to develop new skills and knowledge through my program.


  • Bachelors Degree of Science in Kinesiology (Exercise,Wellness, and Nutrition) at Cal State University East Bay.
  • Certified member of the Kajukenbo & Wun Hop Kuen Do International Association.
  •  DJ’s Martial Arts & Fitness Fun Hop Kuen Do Fitness & Kickboxing Certification
  • Completed Combative Gung-Fu & Kung Fu Mind, Body, & Spirit of KOA Training Seminar

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