“Lee’s Fitness Unlimited has effectively turned my life around. When I first started training with Mike I was roughly 265 pounds and have since then lost 75+ pounds and have never felt better. The training and guidance I received propelled me to achieve all my personal goals and push myself to limits I had previously never thought possible. I could not possibly recommend any solution to better yourself than investing your time and effort into Lee’s Fitness Unlimited.”– Nolan T.

“Mike Lee is an outstanding fitness and boxing coach. I have been working with him for about a year and can’t recommend him highly enough. I had never REALLY boxed before (other than kickboxing classes in gyms) and I was instantly hooked.  It’s an incredible workout and it even feels therapeutic especially when you are working on the bag or doing combinations with Mike. It’s a workout that tests you both physically and mentally. Mike is also an incredible teacher for beginners (he can juggle all levels really) in that he is patient, motivating and knows when you need to be pushed. He is also a really great trainer for basic bootcamp-style strengthening workouts. My 11 year old son recently started taking boxing classes from Mike and absolutely loves it as well. Mike is excellent with kids. I am SO glad we found Mike for training and boxing. He is a real gem!”– Katie R.

“Mike Lee’s boxing and fitness classes are the highlights of my days. The environment is non-judgemental and very welcoming to everyone and Mike will tailor exercises to your individual needs, whether you need a variation of an exercise or whether you need something more challenging. I’ve attended many fitness and boxing classes over the years and Mike’s have by far been my favorite. I highly recommend dropping in.”– Jonathon C.